Kali van der Merwe

Kali van der Merwe

Chaotic, Crazy, Cluttered, Curious Creativity

At Kali, you will experience the artist in process.

In the middle of building...

In the middle of working towards a solo show...

In the middle of transition...

In the middle of life...

Her whole house is a creative studio and storage space for decades of creativity.

Her archive will be taken out from under the bed, the dust cursorily blown off and be available for purchase in a once off opportunity.

The artist will be in play, hands full of clay, sculpting.

Over and above asking the price of an artwork, you may ask the artist ONE question, something you have always wanted to know. 

Choose wisely.




Tierfontein ...Assegaaibosch Farm

34 34'29.0 degrees S
19 35'43.2 degrees E

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