@ 11 Granaat Ln


Bevan van Druten is a driftwood artist from Wilderness, Garden Route. He has been sculpting full time in this medium for the past 10 years. He has been collecting driftwood for the past 20 years, and to say that wood is his passion, would be an understatement. 

Wildlife inspires him to create lifelike replicas of all animals ranging from small Meerkats to large Lions, Rhino's, Antelope and his favorite Raptors such as Secretary Birds and Eagles.

He builds his sculptures from inside out, using nothing but dowels, glue and a little imagination. "It gives me great pleasure creating a new life in the form of sculpture, out of something which was dead, and of no value..." His focus is to bring his audience back to experiencing and appreciating nature and all forms of wildlife.

Email: bevanvandruten@gmail.com


@Foxglove Farm (91 Olienhoutlaan)


Sue Vingerhoets has a background in architecture and design. She is now an organic farmer and heirloom seed grower.

"My fabric- and board-based Weatherwork series is an evolution with its genesis in my personal journey from city dweller to organic farmer.

Living off-grid and immersed in nature, the weather is a huge factor in our daily lives. For many years it was a source of frustration in creating art, but I have now chosen to embrace the vicious wind, baking sun and heavy dew, using these forces of nature as an integral part of my work.

My ceramic Vessels are an exploration in creating less structured and more free-form shapes that are both functional and organic, balanced but not symmetrical. I use different combinations of reclaimed commercial clay as well as “wild” clay from our farm, and a variety of shaping techniques."

Instagram: @suevingerhoets

Email: suefoxglove@gmail.com


@ 31 Main Road


Annalene has her roots planted deeply in the natural world and weaves her colorful life's journey onto canvas. Using acrylics and mixed media, her divine plan unfolds, and pulls us into her magical world.

Annalene paints with pure, spiritual joy, that bursts forth with vibrant color. She opens her heart to her environment’s soul-song, be it the open space and solitude of her childhood years in the Karoo, or the dramatic and all enveloping breath of the mountains and the sea coming together in the Overberg, her current home.

Be the curator of what can only be described as eye candy for the soul when you own art by Annalene.

Instagram: @art_by_annalene

Mobile: +27 84 209 1521


@Lokal, Main Road


Cape Town multi-media artist and commercial food photographer Claire Gunn began her career working in kitchens. This baptism gave her the insight and delicate appreciation of restaurant life and kitchen hustle to become South Africa’s foremost documentary photographer working in that industry.
Known for capturing the nuance and theatre of hospitality by some of the biggest names in fine dining, eventing and luxury travel, Claire relentlessly seeks out new ways to express herself as a creative being. Despite a busy professional schedule, she deliberately carved out time and space for herself to explore painting.
Dreamy watercolour renditions of fresh ingredients and beloved pieces of crockery and cutlery led naturally to painting chefs at work. Curious about technique and form, her scope of work includes landscapes, street scenes and architecture. There are some Japanese inspired decorative works, still-life realism, abstract ocean imagery, even children's illustrations scattered around her studio.
Working in mediums including oils, inks, acrylics, and even digital art Claire finds endless inspiration in her environment and in her very active dream world.
Find her commercial food and portrait photography work at 

Website: www.clairegunn.com

Online Shop: www.shop.clairegunn.com

Instagram: @clairegunnart 

Or: @clairegunnphoto

Email: info@clairegunn.com


@Lokal, Main Road


Art in all its forms has always been a comfort for Zenta. She has a background in ceramics and sculpting and recently started to dip her brush into paint. With art, whether it be clay, paint or dancing, she says feels like she is at home and all the windows are open.

Zenta walks between worlds, finding the spaces of stillness and then allow her soul to paint the feeling that is present at that moment. Her work, whether it is her Art, Sound Journeys or Spirit Dance, is intuitive. Through a practice of trust and surrender, she is able to create unique experiences that translate the language of her soul.
Her art is mixed media on paper, splashed with colour and movement, inviting the onlooker to step closer and explore.

"We are all connected and are walking this earth as a community. My wish is that every person who shares space with me or my art, would connect with their soul spark and experience their unique and beautiful self expand."

Instagram: @zentamalan 

Or @zenta_malan-ve


@ 11 Granaat Ln


As a self taught artist, I take a totally intuitive approach to creativity.
I like to get out of my headspace and into my heartspace, being fully present in the moment and responding as freely and fearlessly to the ever changing canvas as possible.

This means taking risks and making courageous decisions on the fly, staying unattached, trusting myself and allowing the process to take me on a journey.

I like to work really fast, as a way of side stepping the mind, followed by a more thoughtful stage, where I might refine and strengthen elements.
I aim to be in a timeless, child-like state of flow, which is a creative mindset, where there is a direct line between the heart and the hands.

This is truly my happy space...
Where I can really be myself and express all of what it means to be me or whatever may be moving through me in that moment.
My hope is that the viewer will recognize some aspect of their own heart in my art as well.

Email: melwatson77@gmail.com


@ 11 Granaat Ln


Ulriche Jantjes completed her BAFA at Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2019 where her practice incorporated both sculpture and painting.

Utilising both sculpture and painting, ULRICHE JANTJES’ practice is inspired by the notion of landscape and the histories it enfolds. Her work is symbolic of a personal reflection on these histories and the context it provides to her heritage stemming from Elim, a German
mission station in the Overberg. Ulriche’s practice represents historical narratives as an opportunity for experimentation by drawing on imagination to complete and obscure these histories. In exploring the historical narratives which express her heritage, Ulriche perceives her practice as interweaving various histories as a means to contemplate the underpinnings of her heritage.

Ulriche was born in 1997 in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2019, she completed her BAFA at the Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) where oral histories formed the essence of her research. Since then, Ulriche participated in numerous group shows including Untitled 7.99 (99 Loop Gallery); KWAAI Vol. 3 (Eclectica Contemporary); the Toyota Woordfees; and Does this Resonate With You? (Jaffer Modern). In 2020, she held her first solo exhibition, the mist before the sun, at 99
Loop Gallery.

Ulriche currently lives and works between Cape Town and Elim whilst she is working toward completing her Master’s in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town.

Email: ulrichejantjes8@gmail.com

Instagram: @fieldandstudio

Mobile: +27 79 699 4227


@ 31 Main Road


My vision as an Artist has always been to make beautiful items that give pleasure and contribute to the positive side of life. Connecting with people is of primary importance and motivation in my work. I am passionate about art, but clay in particular. Living in Hermanus, between the sea and the mountains, has had a definite impact on my life. Nature continues to be my biggest source of inspiration and is usually evident in my work. I mostly work full time from my studio, but can also be found visiting local beauty spots, walking the cliff path overlooking the sea or taking regular photography trips into the Karoo. My work reflects this lifestyle.

Clay has always been an obvious tool of expression for me. Over the years I have come to use it in a more intuitive way as some of the necessary technical skills have become second nature to me. I have learned to do this by painting (on canvas or paper) more, and now have an extra arrow in my creative bow as it were.
Whatever I make is from the heart, rather than with a commercial intent in mind. I just want others to enjoy my work as much as I do. 

Instagram: @catherinebrennon


@Foxglove Farm


Barry Ashmole is a sculptor working primarily in fabricated metal, whose works express the language of organic form through the lens of a strong focus on process and artisanal techniques. He explores contrasts in texture, colour and material in imbuing his work with elements of the natural and the man-made.He will present a range of sculpture, art furniture and functional pieces.

My work as a sculptor draws heavily on my background in traditional automotive coachbuilding, and the discipline of the technical skills remains a hallmark of my art. The liberating opportunity to express ideas and emotions in my sculpture is underpinned by close attention to detail, paying respect to the idea of the artisan within the artist.

I tend to focus on themes that explore the natural world, our place within it, and responsibilities toward it. Choosing to use elements that reflect the manmade – polished stainless steel, industrial coatings, precision fabrication – and placing them in contexts express organic and corporeal forms to establish this link. My works will often express a feminine energy, but also tend to invite exploration of polarities within ideas and the dichotomies and agreements that these imply.

Instagram: @barry.ashmole.studios

Mobile: +27 83 461 3493


@ The Giant Periwinkle


Working on the technical side of film production I’ve become accustomed to seeing light and movement created artificially. My current photographic series is all about exploration with natural light and contrast.


@ Old Post Office, Kerk Str


Berry Meyer is a collage artist who scours second hand bookshops, thrift stores and flea markets for any paper related paraphernalia from postage stamps to pornography. Using these as a starting point she cuts out, mounts and prepares images long before the idea for a particular work begins. The process of collage is for her both a tool of her art-making and an integral part of its meaning.

Through the process of collage Berry interrogates and parodies historical representations in order to find alternative possibilities for representing the present. Issues of gender, patriarchy, nationalism and religion are deconstructed in her collages through her reimagining of the found images of women, men, children, flora, fauna and landscapes. Juxtaposing images produced in different times and eras into a single new image enables a new dialogue with taken for granted ideas in the present moment and shows us that the resources we need for a different future can be found in the scrap yards and flea markets of today.

Meyer was born in Namibia and completed her BA in Design and Mphil in Illustration at Stellenbosch University and did Post-Graduate studies at UCT. She has exhibited at exhibitions, international art fairs and collage festivals in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Website: www.berrymeyer.com

Or: www.faye-mouse.com


@ Old Post Office, Kerk Str


Maricel Albertyn was born in Pretoria and grew up in Bloemfontein. Childhood summers spent on the Transvaal family farm first inspired her love for and appreciation of the natural world. After school she studied at Michaelis and completed a Bachelors in Fine Art. She worked for five years as a graphic designer, but was very ready to ditch the computer when she entered the film industry. She still works happily as a scenic artist and set finisher.

Maricel says this about her work:

Secret Gardens - This little collection was done during lockdown while I was staying with my parents. Their beautiful garden and its inhabitants became my refuge and constant companion. The trees, birds and flowers became my subject matter. I also draw inspiration from the Impressionists and the landscapes of Gustaf Klimt.
My dreamy landscapes are almost devoid of humans. They are peopled by whimsical birds and ghostly animals. They convey solitude and a longing for the simple life and a return to nature. These works are an attempt to Express the intersection of the worldly and the otherworldly - a place where the natural world meets the mythological landscape of fairytales, dreams and the collective unconscious.

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