All resident artists will be exhibiting in their homes and studios, addresses below, and a here is a map

Each member artists also has one or several guest artists who will also be exhibiting.


ARTIST #1  (see map)

@ Old Post Office, Kerk Str

Nikki studied a BA in fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch. After working as a book illustrator for many years, she found her niche in the props department working as a props scenic and fabricator in the film industry. She also pursues her own creative endeavors using a variety of media, materials and subject matter. Her illustrated skulls are an ongoing

Nikki's guest artist is Jane Appleby.

Instagram: @nixxmiles@forage_ink
Mobile: +27 76 089 9897

Find out more about Nikki in studio here

ARTIST #11  (see map)

@ 11 Granaat Ln.


Niel Jonker is a sculptor in bronze and other material, who paints the landscape outdoors in oil. This year he will be focusing on sculpture.

 As pioneering artisan breadmaker, he hosts a monthly workshop in Baardskeerdersbos.  

Niel's guest artist is Sheena Ridley.
YouTube: Niël Jonker Review
Mobile: +27 82 651 7414

Find out more about Niel in studio here


ARTIST #19 (see map)

@ Foxglove Farm, Olienhoutlaan

The ethos of ReDeux is to create elegant heirloom functional art out of consumer-discarded materials to create a second (sometimes third) life as a sum of disparate parts. Jan's art is at once a rebellion against the uber-consumerist culture as well as a celebration of the beauty inherent in life-scarred so-called waste. He calls this the "School of Imperfectionism". over the years he has produced a wide variety of functional art pieces, approximately 500 in total, with many finding new homes in Western Europe, NZ, Australia and the USA. 

Jan's guest artists are Tracy Algar and Sue Vingerhoets.

Facebook: @JanReDeux
Mobile: +27 81 033 0899

Find out more about Jan in studio here


ARTIST # (see map)

Bloubos Huisie, 4 Suikerbekkie St

Pamela currently works in oils, having graduated from a career in ceramics that was focused primarily on decorative functional ware, and included running projects that encompassed both ceramics and fabrics.

She relishes a simpler pace of life, and seeing the beauty in the everyday commonplace, and this is reflected in her work.

Her guest artists are: Yoko Reijn, Val Myburgh, Hendricus Rabie
Instagram: @blouboshuisie

Find out more about Pamela in studio here


ARTIST #6 (see map)

@ LOKAL, Main Rd.

Lalainya Carpenter was born in Namibia. In this beautiful environment the desert flow and silence were her escape and happy place, and she is forever grateful for this connection with nature. Her varied sources of inspiration range from quantum physics to shamanic knowledge, evolutionary astrology, astronomy, and the quest for the ultimate purpose of her human existence. Lalainya uses Gouache (an opaque water colour) and researches complex topics and enjoys weaving together various elements to evoke an imaginary, energetic representation of the natural world around her.

Lalainya's guest artist is Claire Gunn.

Mobile: +27 82 909 0512

Find out more about Lalainya in studio  here


ARTIST #4  (see map)

@ 31 Main Rd.

Eva Gilliam is a videographer and photographer working throughout Africa for news broadcasters, NGOs and United Nations agencies for over two decades.  

She began working with encaustic painting four years ago under the tutelage of her step-mother, American artist (Montana-based) Leslie Van Stavern Millar II

She will be exhibiting photos and encaustics. Sometimes integrating the two.

Her guest artists are Penelope Jack and the Mutasa Brothers.

Instagram: @schmeva1974
Mobile: +27 71 644 4001 

Kali van der Merwe

b 1964 Johannesburg

Self-named after the Indian godless of creation and destruction, Kali is an artist, filmmaker, poet and facilitator of creativity.

For the past 13 years Kali has lived a solitary life on wild land outside of the village of Baardskeerdersbos.

Creative curiosity, spanning 40 years, has led Kali into diverse terrain:

  • Ceramic sculpture – with a Fine Art degree from the University of Cape Town;
  • Installation and Performance – collaborating with underground collectives in Berlin;
  • Documentary Filmmaking – garnering local and international awards;
  • Creative Macro Photography and Taxidermy – exhibiting, AfTeR LiFe, an aperture on life through the lens of death, at Iziko Natural History Museum;
  • Animated 360 Film, ANIMORTIS – screened at Iziko Planetarium.

For future forthcoming attractions …


Artist #14 (see map)

Gate 49 Tierfontein Road

Amanda works in oil and acrylic painting, graphic mediums of pencil, charcoal and
pastel, intaglio printmaking and paper sculpture. She has a MA in Fine Art and she worked in academia as a cultural and art historian for eight years. She studied and practiced landscape design and construction for 15 years and in 2008 moved full-time to her farm outside of Baarsdskeerdersbos, where she has a studio. She is currently also
working on a MA in Psychology.

Currently she is  making paper sculptures of characters, inspired by 17th and 18th
French costumes and ballet design. A fascination with ballet costumes and the use of paper as a sculptural medium has inspired her since her childhood when her
mother was involved in ballet and set design. Her sculptures involve a complex
process of sculpting forms from white paper and overlaying different types of hand- painted and hand-decorated papers.

Since her first exhibition in 1979 she has exhibited paintings in various galleries
around the Western Cape and was a founding member of the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route in 2008.

Amanda's guest artists are Yvonne de Wit, Herman Van Bon, Jon Daamen and Niels Bastiaensen.

Instagram: @amandajephson

Find out more about Amanda here

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