All member artists will be exhibiting in their homes, addresses below.  Each member artists also has one or several guest artists who will also be exhibiting.

ARTIST #1 3 - see map

@ The Giant Periwinkle


Kali has a rich creative trajectory as an artist, filmmaker, photographer, sculptor, rogue taxidermist, sound designer, social activist, media-skills trainer, printmaker and most recently a foray into virtual reality animation. 

Themes in Kali's work delve deeply into life, death, decay and rebirth.

Show: Elim Engels

These angels with bow saws, mostly consisting of women on a team, work to clear alien vegetation infestations, making way for the fynbos to thrive, allowing natural streams and water sources to flow again. This exhibition which will take place outside amongst trees in Tierfontein on Noem Noem land, honouring the people who perform this work.


ARTIST #1 - see map

@ Old Post Office, Kerk Str


Nikki studied a BA in fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch. After working as a book illustrator for many years, she found her niche in the props department working as a props scenic and fabricator in the film industry. She also pursues her own creative endeavors using a variety of media, materials and subject matter. Her illustrated skulls are an ongoing

Show: New Skin for Old Bones

Animal skulls are either collected from the veld, gifted to me or rescued from dusty shelves in junk shops. They are cleaned and then skinned with multiple layers of water based acrylic resin. Each layer is sanded down before the next layer is applied. The final “skin” is sandedto a porcelain like finish and then illustrated with designs inspired by nature. The design is then inked with sepia archival ink and coloured in blues, reminiscent of Delftware. I create a new skin for the skulls that pass through my studio, honoring the animal.

Nikki will be curating the group show at The Giant Periwinkle. Fri, Sat, Sun 10AM to 4 PM - see map.

Instagram: @nixxmiles


Mobile: +27 76 089 9897

ARTIST #11 - see map

@ 11 Granaat Ln.


Niel Jonker is a sculptor in bronze and other material, who paints the landscape outdoors in oil. This year he will be focusing on sculpture.

 As pioneering artisan breadmaker, he hosts a monthly workshop in Baardskeerders-bos.  


Collected internationally, his landscape paintings in the cape impressionist tradition and realistic bronze figures in the classical tradition remain a large portion of his output, while constantly finding new expression for similar themes in various media. Since 2019 Niel has developed traditional terracotta techniques to explore post-humanist themes that emerge from the interface that exists between the mind and body when engaged in natural processes.

His ongoing series of work titled "Fragile beings" comprises large terracotta sculptures that articulate the gestures and character of animal and human forms. The body of a dog, rhinoceros, baboon, human portraits and figures are drawn from direct observation and also from memory and imagination, toward an acknowledgement of vulnerability. The bronzes similarly trace the gesture, emotion and character of the subject and he finds nuance of expression in rough and smoothly sculpted surfaces. In these contemplative works the articulation of muscle, skin and flesh speak to a physical and emotional fragility and materiality.

Jonker prolifically paints en plein air where he engages directly with the landscape, evoking the spirit of place though small panels executed in a single sitting. Larger studio canvasses are regularly commissioned by landowners such as wine estates and nature reserves.

After a decade of hosting a well-known monthly workshop experience in sourdough breadmaking, Niel has expanded his unique approach by hosting creativity residencies within the natural environmental context, through group and individual workshop sessions.


YouTube: Niël Jonker Review

Mobile: +27 82 651 7414

ARTIST #4 - see map

@ 31 Main Rd.


Eva Gilliam is a videographer and photographer working throughout Africa. She began working with encaustic painting 2 years ago under the tutelage of her step-mother, American artist (Montana-based) Leslie Van Stavern Millar II.  

Show: 1000 days / A Video and Photography Exhibition

In her recent work in documenting UNICEF's work in maternal and child health in Cameroun, Eva looks at the first 1000 days of life, from conception to 2 years old. In particular, nutrition, protection and prevention are crucial In a country struggling with instability - civil war, fanatical religious groups, and refugees influxes from neighbouring countries - for decades. Eva Gilliam is a documentary filmmaker and camerawoman, and has covered humantirian crises and development in over 30 countries in Africa over the last 20 years. This current exhibit was filmed and photographed in February 2022.


Instagram: @schmeva1974


Mobile: +27 71 644 4001 

ARTIST #6 - see map

@ LOKAL, Main Rd.


Lalainya Carpenter was born in Namibia. In this beautiful environment the desert flow and silence were her escape and happy place, and she is forever grateful for this connection with nature. Her varied sources of inspiration range from quantum physics to shamanic knowledge, evolutionary astrology, astronomy, and the quest for the ultimate purpose of her human existence. Lalainya uses Gouache (an opaque water colour) and researches complex topics and enjoys weaving together various elements to evoke an imaginary, energetic representation of the natural world around her.


Lalainya Carpenter’s varied sources of inspiration range from quantum physics to shamanic knowledge, evolutionary astrology, astronomy, and the quest for the ultimate purpose of her human existence. She researches complex topics and enjoys weaving together various elements to evoke an imaginary, energetic representation of the natural world around her.Her art stems from a deep connection to nature - flowing, intuitive and ultimately moving in its profound attention to detail and deeply felt spirituality. Carpenter’s compositions are characterised by organic shapes of bold colour that move in and out of the visual field, resulting in a dynamic synthesis of painting and drawing. The forms are organised and defined on multiple planes allowing the paintings to be read in terms of both time and space. Fluid, visual elements such as imaginary animals and abstracted underwater worlds all overlap in planes that impart depth and create rhythmic, but occasionally disharmonious, patterns. Ultimately, the works speak of the idea of a reality that is continually in a state of flux or dissolution. She is a true Renaissance woman with extensive knowledge / degrees in design, astrology and nutrition that influence her choice of subject, colour combinations and format in her visual art practise. She predominantly works with gouache on canvas.Lalainya Carpenter participated in several group exhibitions in and around Cape Town, her latest showing, “Home Is Where The Art Is”, takes place at the prestigious Zeitz MOCAA museum, Cape Town.Born in Namibia, 1972, she lives and works in Baardskerdersbos, a hamlet, about 2 hours east from Cape Town, South Africa.


Mobile: +27 82 909 0512

ARTIST #19  - see map

@ Foxglove Farm, Olienhoutlaan


The ethos of ReDeux is to create elegant heirloom functional art out of consumer-discarded materials to create a second (sometimes third) life as a sum of disparate parts. Jan's art is at once a rebellion against the uber-consumerist culture as well as a celebration of the beauty inherent in life-scarred so-called waste. He calls this the "School of Imperfectionism". over the years he has produced a wide variety of functional art pieces, approximately 500 in total, with many finding new homes in Western Europe, NZ, Australia and the USA. 


"Oscar Wilde said that if you know what you want to be, then you inevitably become it - that is your punishment. But if you never know then you can be anything. There is a truth to that. We are not nouns. We are verbs. I am not a thing - an actor, a writer. I am a person who does things - I act, I write. And I never know what I am going to do next. 
I think you can be imprisoned if you think of yourself as a noun" - Stephen Fry

It has taken me decades to realise how right he is – I am not an artist. I craft things of beauty and function from other people’s waste, applying art to the work.

I create elegant functional art from largely reclaimed material, working in wood, stone, glass and metal. Most of my work is in crafting lamps, but my scope is broad: everything from fireplaces to footlockers, tables to bars, doors to locks. In a portfolio of over 500 pieces over the years, there is little in a household that I have not made at least once.

It's in the nature of the salvaged materials that my work is unique and eclectic. The underlying ethos is to do what I can to prevent things ending up in landfill. However, I don't believe that principles of beauty, balance and style should be forfeit at the altar of eco-frenzy - there must be artistic and stylistic integrity to the work. It is just as possible to be technically and aesthetically rigorous in creating with "used" materials as it is with new.

I enjoy, particularly, seeing what nature has done to man-made materials, and I always try either to echo that or to marry nature-worked components to the proper partners.

Every piece has a back story, relating to its provenance, which I always provide with the purchase of a piece. The elements offer vignettes of their past. It's a real joy to see someone realise, invariably with a smile, what elements comprise the work.

I don't mass produce anything and, because of the origin of the materials, no one piece is ever the same as another, even between paired items.

I work to a planned schedule and I do take on commissions, conditionally...

My work has been sold all over the world, mostly in Western Europe, and I have a number of local clients, some of whom have numerous pieces.

My own gallery is usually closed to the public (except for scheduled exhibitions) but I welcome visitors by appointment made well in advance – since I work off-grid, I plan the task batches and can’t simply stop when in the middle of a scheduled task if someone should happen by.

I really hope to have the pleasure of one day meeting you at The Workshop @ Foxglove Farm.



Facebook: @JanReDeux

Mobile: +27 81 033 0899

ARTIST #2 - see map

@ Whistling Winds, Rivier Street


I discovered the magic of watercolour many years ago under the expert guidance of Sheila Santilhano.

In recent years I have evolved my work to include acrylic and collage, finding more freedom in mixed media to explore shape colour and texture.

I share the secrets of pure watercolour painting in my studio to students near and far.


Mobile: +27 72 332 6577

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