Niel Jonker

What are you offering this Art Route?

Sculptures and drawings

What has inspired this body of work?

The need to explore therapeutic processes lead me towards terracotta, a more direct medium than my other practices, e.g. bronze sculpture. 

What materials are you using and how do you relate to them?

Terracotta lead to discoveries that included biomorphic forms and natural textures, while facilitating larger scale. 

Is there anything you are doing now that is a new emerging expression in your artistic process?

Charcoal drawings have emerged as a retrospective inquiry into the sculpting process. Non-figuritive themes have emerged too. 

How does the B'bos environment inform your process?

Many natural forces impact my process, from the constantly moving air that dries clay quicker and therefore facilitates uninterrupted building of large scale sculpture, to the consistency of community supportiveness. 

What long term projects are you working on?

Transforming my workshop facilitation to include a component that focuses on the therapeutic experience. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

To live and work my dream occupation is a privilege, as is living within in an actively complimentary community.   

Find Niel

Address:  11 Granaat Laan, Baardskeerdersbos


Instagram: @nieljonker

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