Jan Vingerhoets

What are you offering this Art Route?

My offering is always an evolution on previous work: new experiences, salvaged materials, learning from other artists' work. All of this, and more, mean that my pieces are always slightly more developed and mature than before. I rarely work to a theme as it's very restrictive within the scope of recycled material - the materials tend to inform the journey rather than the other way around.I am continually seeking new methods and modalities, so you will always experience something new, with each piece emphatically unique, by definition of its components' provenance.

What has inspired this body of work?

As always, my rebellion against the unthinking consumerism that uses "throw away" with such entitled disregard for the consequences. There is no "away"; there is only one Earth.

What materials are you using and how do you relate to them?

All my materials are reclaimed or salvaged: wood, stone, metal, glass, plastic. Consequently, often because melding them into functional is entirely tactile, I hold a long memory of working with the materials; sometimes years after the fact I can clearly recall the feel of a particular shape on a piece of my work, or even the smell of it. Those pieces to which I am most bonded in this way have also been the ones I felt most closely expressed my art; it is a feeling I try consciously to follow these days, like a compass through the creative process.

Is there anything you are doing now that is a new emerging expression in your artistic process?

I enjoy learning new artisanal skills and artistic modalities. Even acquiring the rudiments of a skill allows me to more easily bridge between component pieces in an uncontrived way, both conceptually and physically, and so to arrive at a congruent final piece.

How does the B'bos environment inform your process?

We're on an off-grid farm, living somewhere between comfort and not. B'bos itself has an air of that dichotomy; some anarchy mixed begrudgingly in with required order. l - my work clearly borrows from that "Landgeist".

What long term projects are you working on?

Large outdoor non-functional pieces to draw attention to waste, water security and global warming.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?


Find Jan

Address:  Foxglove farm, Baardskeerdersbos

Email: jan@redeux.co.za

Instagram: @redeux.art

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